What can I do on Roome?

As a student you can search for individuals and groups, find student properties and enquire directly through our built-in chat features.

As a landlord you can add your properties to Roome, manage enquiries, review your current tenants and communicate with prospective tenants.


What do I need to sign up?

As a student you will need a university email address, with access so you can verify your email.

As a landlord you can sign up with any email address but to post your properties you will need to provide relevant documents such as a valid gas and electric certificate.


How do I post a spare room?

Click search, post room, input all the relevant details.


How do I add friends to my group?

Click group, add group, group name can just be the members of the group, and invite by their university email addresses.


How do I add housemates?

Click group, my house, add house, enter details of your house and invite your housemates.


Is Roome free?

Roome will remain free to students for all features of the app. Currently Roome will be free to landlords and letting agents, there will be payment packages added when the app is more developed.